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How do I add text to my mat?

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2012 01:59AM EST

How Do I Add Text to My Mat?

This lesson will show you just the basics on adding text to your Virtual Mat with Make the Cut Software.


Your Caret represents where the text will start as well as the height that the text will be.

Moving your Caret it as easy as double clicking anywhere on your mat.

Select your Caret Size

Select your Caret Size

Choose your Caret Size.
The Caret Size represents the Height of the Text and you will see it increase or decrease based on you sizing it.

Choose Desired Font

Choose Desired Font

1. Select Text and Fonts Tab
2. Select Desired Font to be Used
3. Choose to stylize your text with Bold or Italicized
4. Add a "Group of Characters"

The show Face feature allows you to view the font style inside the drop down menu


Text Group Window

Text Group Window

Now you have multilines and you are able to type. As you type you will see it on the mat.
1. Your text justification - Left, Right, Center
2. Vertical Spacing - For multis-lines and it will either move up or down your spacing between lines.
3. Splitting -

  • No splitting of text,
  • Split by Lines - Each line will be one group
  • Split by spaces - Each word will be one group
  • Split by Glyph- Fancy word for each letter will be one group.

4. Rotation - No Rotation, Rotate Left, or Rotate Right - This effect will give you vertical text when you are complete.

Hit the Accept Button and you'll be finished.

On screen preview

On screen preview
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